Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab Facility

Passages Malibu is a luxurious rehab center that is famous for its collaborative approach to drug cleansing. Not only does it utilize the best medicines, but also uses nature to heal its clients. The sunny California weather, combined with the beautiful pastorals coupled with the excellent facilities that Passages Malibu provides to its customers, it can rightly be dubbed as the best rehabilitation facility in the United States.

The rehabilitation process is not conventional. To begin with, each patient is allocated a room that resonates the Pacific ambiance. Passages Malibu caters to the elite of the society, hence the exorbitant prices. It has been ranked the best rehabilitation center by Healthcare Global, and Forbes has listed it as the most luxurious health facility across the United States. Unlike many rehab centers, Passage Malibu does not focus on the person’s physical health; it gives equal importance to the psychological well-being of an individual. As a facility, it provides state-of-the-art sports facilities including swimming and tennis. These activities bring about a paradigm change in the client, hence enabling them to think effectively and rationally.

What makes us stand out from our fellow partners is that we provide individualized and personalized attention and care to our patients. Examples include, instead of boring group sessions, we provide individual 60 hours per month sessions with trained psychotherapists and counselors. Also, a special diet plan is crafted for every patient.

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Founders: Chris and Pax Prentiss

Passages Malibu is the love child of this dynamic father-son duo. It all began when the diligent son confessed to his father about his alcoholism. It was at that moment when Passages Malibu was born.  The father-son tried every conventional detox method, and when none worked, Passages Malibu was born.

Many rehab centers make the patient helpless by concentrating of their weakness and constantly telling them that they are sick, and in many cases, the clients are stigmatized. However, at Passages Malibu, the entire focus in on positive energy and thoughts. In short, its aim is to eliminate negative thoughts out of the patient’s mind. Along with scientific medicine, Passages Malibu emphasizes on the power and importance of the philosophy of positivism.

Chris and Pax have to build Passages Malibu for the silent suffers from traditional rehab centers. And, through Passages Malibu they try and reach out to those in need.