About Passages

For ten years, Pax struggled with alcoholism, cocaine, and heroin. He hide his problem from family, and no one was aware of his true condition. Things didn’t quite work out for Pax alone. Soon he had lost all his friends, and he was unable to self-support. By the time he opened to his dad, he had lost everything.

Pax was lucky to realize that his addiction was out of control and it was time to end this menace. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not like go of the of the drugs. Pax wanted to detoxify himself, but he could not.

Pax suffered underneath the harsh and rigid system of AA and other 12-step programs. He didn’t find any help from the traditional systems. He found them extremely discouraging, as they labeled him an addict. Pax didn’t approve of their ways; no one wants to lose their self-esteem, right? These programs seemed to benefit him, but only for small time periods. He replaced now and then.

Pax was lucky to have a father like Chris. who realized that his son required something effective and different from the traditional detoxing approach. Fortunately, because of this thought, Chris was able to help his son. The father son duo indulged in some research, which led them to realize that the conventional systems were not as effective as they were perceived. The conventional method makes use of medication and prescription drugs to heal their clients. Therefore, in reality, the person has to rely on prescribed drugs to relieve him/herself.In short, the addict is not cleansed of the intoxicants, but rather a different kind of drugs inhibit his /her body. This method is extremely dangerous; many people die because of an overdose of prescribed drugs. Pax did not want to die a miserable death. Chris and Pax realized that something needed and different had to be tried. Hence, the birth of Passages Malibu.

Initially, they began with defining and working on the term addiction and what it meant to be an addict. Also, they sought as to what it meant to be an addict in the 21st century. It was then when the idea of the holistic diagnostic approach was conceived.

The holistic approach is unique in the sense that it does not equalize every individual. Every client is dealt differently because every individual fights his or her battles. Their addiction may be the same, but its causes and effects on their minds and bodies are different. At Passages Malibu, special emphasis is laid upon philosophy. People are treated to cleanse their mind and body at the same time, using only organic foods and  Eastern philosophy.

This method proved it self as effective when Pax got rid of his addiction with the help of this treatment and approach in 2001. It was then when Pax and Chris realized that they should spread this good to many around them. Since then, the father son duo has embarked on a journey to help those in need. What a powerful example of altruism!