Our Addiction Treatment Philosophy

An entity can only be powerful if its foundations are strong.  When it comes to rehab centers, their philosophy is all that matters. At Passages Malibu, our philosophy is our client. It is all about keeping you, the client happy and satisfied. We treat every client of ours with dignity and respect.

Hospitals and rehab facilities treat their clients as objects, they dehumanize them, only because they are addicts. At Passages Malibu, things are the complete antithesis. We do not think of you as sick or malfunctioning, for us, your addiction is some part of your body gone wrong that requires immediate attention.

Four Main Causes of Addiction:

Addiction is a tricky business, and no one for sure is aware of its true causes. Our staff has been trained to provide you with all the comfort you need to get through the difficult period of your life. The four identified causes of addiction are:

  • Chemical Imbalance
  • Disturbing past.
  • Lack of control over life.
  • Irrational Beliefs.

Having identified these four factors, we treat you in the light of these factors. And you are given the best possible care there is available.