Passages Malibu, California’s luxury rehab facility

Passages Malibu is well aware of the various kinds of addictions from which people suffer. Many fall victim to prescription drugs, others get addicted to more ‘harsher’ ones. Whatever is your issue, we’d solve it. Our area of expertise includes:

  • Illegal Drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Non-prescribed drugs.

Holistic Detox Program:

The moment you step into Passages Malibu, our team of highly trained and qualified nurses will attend you and identify your addiction level. In the meantime, a team of experts will devise a customized diet and lifestyle plan for you.

Unlike many rehab centers, we at Passages Malibu believe that a sick person should not be deprived of his or her basic rights as human beings. Therefore, you are allowed to accept visits from your friends and family as much as you like. Also, you would have access to the internet. Not just that, to get your mind off things, you will have a wide variety of outdoor games to choose from, including tennis, yachting, canoeing and much more!

Most rehab centers focus on the physical health, and they employ drugs throughout the treatment. At Passages Malibu, we never indulge in such things. We cure you with natural ingredients. The holistic approach not only cleanses your physical being, but it also detoxifies you psychologically as well.